Longer One-Acts

After Everland
(2 W / 30 minutes) On a secluded ledge, Petrapana and Wendoliri spin tales of Everland, a world where girls rule and misfits fit right in. But the latest attack from the Great White Threat may prove fatal to their fantasy, and their friendship. Does growing up mean giving in?

Benny and Serena’s High School Graduation


Sharon Mason, Tadesh Inagaki, Cliff Odle, and Claire McClanahan in Benny and Serena’s High School Graduation, produced by Spiced Wine Productions.

(2-3 W, 2 M / 40 minutes) It’s graduation day for Benny, Serena’s brilliant son. Math prodigy, star athlete, valedictorian—his mother’s proud and happy, what else? But Serena’s not as serene as she seems, and when she snaps and smacks the math teacher with her camera, her life with Benny flashes before her eyes. Memories flood back: raising Benny on her own, discovering his gifts, struggling to do what’s best, and always hearing a chorus of voices that say she’s not up to the task. Benny’s future awaits him, but is Serena ready to let him go? A bittersweet comedy about one mother’s rite of passage.



Claire McClanahan and Cliff Odle in Mary, produced by Spiced Wine Productions.

(1 W, 1 GN* / 30 minutes) A wild, modern spin on one of the most famous mothers of all time. Mary is preparing to save the world, when an angel suddenly appears and offers her an entirely new mission. But she’s far from ready to accept—and as a lawyer, she has some objections. A dramatic pas de deux with all the world at stake, Mary explores the choice of motherhood at its most glorious and terrifying. View the film version!

A Nice Jewish Girl
(3-5 W, 1 M / 25 minutes) Boy wants girl, so he resorts to calling up random women from the phone book. Girl is appalled by boy’s scam, but also can’t help noticing her own loneliness. Boy keeps trying. Girl falls into existential crisis. What does it take to find love these days?

(1 W, 2 GN* / 15 minutes) A fantastical meditation on the Biblical Miriam, imagining her incarnated across history. Written for Untitled Theater Company #61‘s 24/7 Play Festival.

Performance Review
(2 W / 15 minutes) It’s Al’s first review at her inspiring but exhausting job at a non-profit arts center. She’s hoping to get recognition for her hard work and maybe more opportunities to use her own artistic talents. But her boss Lois has serious questions about Al’s performance—and a shocking proposal Al never saw coming.

*gender neutral/gender flexible