Lemonade, produced by Sidestep Productions at the Warehouse Theatre, London. Photo by Carina Jirsch.

Peg, a folk singer/songwriter in a major slump, is feeling the effects of a really bad night as she faces her day job (elementary school music teacher). With a bitter song to sing and no audience but a class of second graders, she finds herself spilling her story of love, betrayal, and a few too many refreshments at an “all-girls’ lemonade stand.”

Artists Anonymous
A young man confronts his tortured past at a meeting for reformed artists.

Jane, a shy alto with big dreams, should be at rehearsal. Instead, she is stuck pulling a double shift at the hospital, where she works as a nurse’s aide. As she cares for a comatose patient, Jane shares the story of her lifelong passion for Gilbert and Sullivan operettas: how the shows captivated her and raised her to an unlikely stardom—which has now dwindled to an endless stint as a member of the chorus. Wistful but ever hopeful, Jane takes comfort in the music, and the possibility that someone will really listen.