Full-Length Plays

The Housekeeper
(3 W, 1 M) When Adelina takes a job as a housekeeper for widower Charlie Frey and his daughter Kaila, she is not surprised to meet Charlie’s dead wife, Carson… Read more

(2 W, 3 M) Kicked out of the Army for being gay, Cy Burns now takes on the world with her words… Read more

The Embryos
(3 W, 2 M) Mommy and Daddy have tried desperately to have a baby, but nothing has worked, not even high-tech in vitro fertilization… Read more

Matter Familias
(4 W, 3 M) Katherine announces to her parents that she’s going to adopt a forty-year old accountant… Read more

(4 W, 2 M) Fred, an aspiring glass-painter, dreams of rising above her entry-level job and making her mark on the Urban Arts Center’s famous window… Read more

MOCKBA: a play about Moscow
(5 W, 4 M) In the fall of 1993, five American college students come to Moscow to study with artists from the renowned Moscow Art Theater… Read more

(2 W, 2 M) Sign o’ the Times is a nothing-fancy sign shop. In comes a young man who  searching for—what else?—a sign… Read more