Script Services

I love the challenge of tuning in to another writer’s intentions and helping to clear a path for their ideas to take shape. I share what I know and I push hard for artistic quality, yet ultimately I get out of the way so that your vision can be realized.

Through many years of classroom teaching, peer support, creative consulting, and individual coaching, I’ve developed a keen ear and an honest voice when it comes to responding to other writers’ work. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, I’m here to help.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Ginger on the screenplay for Leave No Trace. Having been a long-time fan of Ginger’s plays, I was excited to get her input, hear her ideas for cuts and alternative (and improved) phrasing. As an experienced and accomplished writer, she has a great sense of rhythm, for when things can be inferred, when and how dialogue can be sharpened. I had wanted to keep the dialogue terse in this screenplay, and she was able to keep that goal front and center. For anyone who is in need of insightful, sharp feedback and suggestions on their screenplay, Ginger is a wonderful, accessible resource for both the craft and the encouragement. I will be back to Ginger with the next one!”

Debra Granik, Academy Award–nominated writer/director

I offer one-on-one coaching services to writers, beginner to professional, high school age and up. Whether you’re struggling to move forward with an idea, needing feedback on a draft, or ready to polish up a piece for production, we can work together to bring out your very best.

“I’ve worked with Ginger since we first started the Rhombus playwrights’ group together, more than a dozen years ago. I always look forward to her insights and feedback on my plays, week after week. She’s not just a fabulous writer on her own, but is also a tremendously good listener and teacher. Anyone interested in working to improve their writing would benefit greatly from working with Ginger.”

Patrick Gabridge, playwright/novelist

Script Doctoring
If you’d rather have me do the work of rewriting, no problem. Need sharper dialogue? Better flow? A little more dramatic flair? Hire me as your script doctor and send me in.

“Ginger is always focused on finding the next level of your story—she’s well-versed in the rhythms of traditional plot structure, but open-minded about different kinds of styles within that structure. She takes your play seriously until it sounds like you never knew it could sound.”

—Carl Danielson, playwright/director

My specialty is dramatic writing—stage plays and screenplays—but I can also help you with fiction, personal essays, memoir, and blends of various genres. We can meet in person if you live in the Greater Boston area, or we can work electronically.

“Working with Ginger one-on-one was an opportunity I was very thankful to have. She offered insight as a dramaturg that made my production real, raw, and powerful, and coached my skill as a writer to a level it wouldn’t have reached without her. She is a memorable professor, invaluable mentor, and simply amazing woman to work with.”

former student

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