Burning Workshop with Resonance Ensemble

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a five-day workshop on Burning with Resonance Ensemble, the company that will produce the play in February. We read, dissected, and wrestled with the text for five days, then presented an informal reading for an invited audience on Sunday. I made some focused but important rewrites that made the story stronger and cleaner—and had a great time, too.  IMG_4493IMG_4509IMG_4505IMG_4487IMG_4514

A workshop like this has SO much value for the play’s development and the production process. (Do it, theaters!!) Huge thanks to Eric Parness, Resonance AD and director of the upcoming production, and to the extremely awesome actors who gave their time and energy so generously.


Eric Parness, Zachary Clarence, Alberto Bonilla, Vanessa Aspillaga, me, Chris Ceraso, and Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy after the workshop of BURNING. Thank you, amazing people!!

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